Schiffer Tree – Torben Schiffer’s Revolutionary Bee Tree

No more factory farming, no more treatment treatments – the Schiffer-Baum Nord is a shelter for honeybees and many other living things, such as the book scorpion. Beekeepers can use the Schiffer tree to keep bees appropriate to their species without treating them with solutions. The bees grow natural honeycombs in this habitat, without any inspection openings.

The innovative bee trees simulate an ecological infrastructure for honey bees. The inventor, Torben Schiffer, made his tree cave simulation undamaged for humans. Because that is different about self-regulating, without human interference. It is certain that more living things will move into the Schiffer-Trees in the future. Because the bee tree creates its own living space for honey bees, but also for book scorpions, hornets, birds and many other living things. Living in symbiosis with other animals, such as the book scorpion owns the honeybees before their own enemy, the varroa mite. This mite is a parasite that lives in the bees’ brood combs, belongs to viruses and destroys entire bee colonies. The book scorpion leads to its own enemy the Varroa and is a certain symbiote in the beehive. The sludge cave at the bottom of the Schiffer tree can also provide a habitat for freedom from animal species. With this, Torben Schiffer has given his Schiffer tree a dwelling with an optimal climate in which all symbionts belonging to a bee colony can freely listen to each other.

Torben Schiffer chose three materials for the construction of his Schifer trees: solid wood, cork and stainless steel. The Schiffer tree is cylindrical and basically consists of two parts.
Part of the stainless steel base belongs. The other tree is heard on. This consists of a block of wood and long wooden lines that are joined together with wooden inner bars and beech nails. The long wooden pipes are fixed by people using stainless steel clamps. A cork seal is placed on the last part of the Schiffer-Tree. The second upper tree consists of your own wooden lines, which are put together around a personal wooden block. These wooden pipes are also fixed with beech nails and stainless steel clamps. Finally, the top tree must be on the same tree and a stainless steel lid will be.

With the new personal art of bee dwelling, much can be explored about the behavior of honey bees under natural fundamentals. Different can be ecological and compound related. In the Schiffer trees, bees should get by with only 3-5 kg, instead of the usual 15-20 kg, of honey supply over the winter. Thus the bees on the right form colonies and have to work less. The honey bees then have more time to care for the prey and the brood to care for the bees after care.

Rainer Pfaffinger, work planner at Caritas and organic farmer, is of the opinion that the Schiffer tree should be used for fruit growing and agricultural businesses, as these do not belong to the entire honey production. Above all in the organic sector is the own way of beekeeping.

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