Bee trees (SchifferTree)

The right home for your bees
Free-living bees have always chosen hollow trees to build their nests. The hollow tree offers considerable advantages over a conventional beehive, which have a direct effect on the behavior and health of the bees (more on the subject can be found under FTB beekeeping methodology).

Thanks to findings from the reintroduction of the Zeidlerei and various research results from the last few decades (summarized in Torben Schiffer’s book “Evolution of Beekeeping”) we are now able to optimally simulate the original tree cavity habitat and produce it in the workshop.

The SchifferTree, developed in cooperation with the Hamburg bee researcher Torben Schiffer by NOVA Ruder GmbH and FREETHEBEES, is the prototype among tree cavity simulations.

By placing a habitat, an ecological infrastructure is simulated that, due to the lack of old trees, only exists sparsely in our natural environment. The tree cavity simulation not only offers bees, but also countless other species that prefer to live in tree cavities, a species-appropriate habitat.

Main problems facing honey bees today:

– No more natural habitats available: lack of old trees with sufficiently large caves and lack of variety of flowers for a continuous supply of the bees with nectar and pollen

– In beekeeping, honey bees are largely kept in non-species-appropriate factory farming, which promotes the transmission of parasites and diseases

– Intensive beekeeping with chemical treatment against parasites, swarm prevention and sugar feeding to increase production, etc.

Our Schiffer-Tree creates a natural and species-appropriate dwelling:

– Reproduction of the natural habitat of the bees using hollow tree simulation

– bee-friendly instead of profit-oriented

– Natural support for bees in their self-regulation against varroa mite infestation: no chemical treatment necessary!

Further information on the underlying philosophy can be found at FREETHEBEES and at Torben Schiffer, the founder of the Tree idea: beenatureproject.

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Wood declaration: Swiss spruce
The SchifferTree contributes to the protection of the bees through species-appropriate and sustainable housing.
The SchifferTree is built to protect the natural behavior of bees and their biology against manipulative human intervention. You can find more information about the SchifferTree on the Beenature Project website or on Freethebees.

The SchifferTree is available as a kit and fully assembled.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I advise you individually and extensively.

The kit consists of all necessary parts:

12 x long wooden slats lower part (everything pre-drilled)
12 x short wooden strips upper part (everything pre-drilled)
4 x stainless steel clamps including cork and stainless steel screws
1 x block above
1 x block below
1 x lid with cork seal
1 x stainless steel base
3 x pre-assembled stainless steel ropes including screws
4 x wooden dowel rods
To assemble the kit you need about 30-60 minutes.

Required tools: wrench and Allen key for fastening the steel cables and screws, 2 x spanset and 1 x rubber cord to hold the strips together, hammer, approx. 5 mm cardboard / wood to lift the end-grain blocks a little.

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